Mobile and Short-Duration Works

Mobile works are carried out from a vehicle moving significantly more slowly than the prevailing traffic speed and involve continuous mobile operations. They will include activities such as grass cutting, hedge cutting and weed spraying.

Short-duration works involve a single vehicle or a small number of vehicles undertaking one or more intermittent stops of:

  • Up to 15 minutes – could be used for activities such as street light maintenance, pole testing, road markings, compliance testing, jetting of sewers, jet or velocity patching etc. or:
  • Between 15 and 60 minutes could be used for activities such as pothole repairs, leak detection, fault finding, tree cutting or felling, installation of traffic loops, coring.

These traffic management techniques can only be carried out when there is good visibility and during periods of low risk. A risk assessment must be carried out for all works before work begins and all works of this nature must be agreed with the Local Authority.

WTM Traffic Management can assist in the planning and preparation for this type of Traffic Management and can implement these approaches using our qualified staff and purpose built fleet of Traffic Management vehicles.